What is Glioblastoma Multiforme


According to the National Brain Tumor Society…

An astrocytoma is a glioma that develops from star-shaped glial cells (astrocytes) that support nerve cells.  A glioblastoma multiforme is classified as a grade IV astrocytoma.  It is also referred to as a glioblastoma or GBM.


  • Most invasive type of glial tumor
  • Commonly spreads to nearby tissue
  • Grows rapidly
  • Includes distinct genetic subtypes
  • May be composed of several different kinds of cells (i.e., astrocytes, oligodendrocytes)
  • May have evolved from a low-grade astrocytoma or an oligodendroglioma
  • Common among men and women in their 50s-70s
  • More common in men than women
  • Accounts for 17 percent of all primary brain tumors


Standard treatment is surgery followed by radiation therapy or a combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. If surgery is not an option, the doctor may administer radiation therapy followed by or in conjunction with chemotherapy. Many clinical trials (experimental treatments) using radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination are available for initial and recurrent GBM. Clinical trials using molecularly targeted therapies showing success in other cancers are also being tested in GBM patients.


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