Promising Treatments

The standard treatment for glioblastoma does not give patients much hope however I believe there is real promise on the horizon.    These are some of the directions of research and clinical trials that I have found interesting:

1) Dendritic Cell therapy – Targeting tumor-associated antigens with dendritic cells may be an effective way to combat GBM.  ICT-107 is an immunotherapy in which the patient’s immune response will be stimulated to kill the tumor cells.

2) Autologus Cell therapy: Some immunization protocols use autologous cells that have been genetically modified to render them more immunogenic, for example, IL-4-transfected fibroblasts, B7-2 and granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor-transfected tumor cells or glioma cells infected with the Newcastle disease virus

3) Combined gene therapies: studies show that the majority of rats bearing large tumors were still alive six months after combined treatment with two proteins: RAdTK, a protein that kills cancer cells, and RAdFlt3L, which stimulates immune or dendritic cells in the brain

4) Ketogentic Diet as an adjunct therapy –  The ketogenic diet is used commonly to treat refractory epilepsy in children and, when administered in restricted amounts, can also target energy metabolism in brain tumors.  This metabolic deficiency allows the tumor cells to be metabolically isolated from normal cells. A strong dependence on glucose makes the tumor cells vulnerable to death using therapies that target glucose metabolism. The ketogenic diet, administered in restricted amounts, is ideally suited as a non-toxic metabolic therapy for managing malignant brain cancer because the diet naturally lowers circulating glucose levels while elevating levels of ketone bodies


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