This just sucks. 

My wonderful cousin was diagnosed with this terrible disease on May 28th, 2011.   Anne is one of my favourite people, she is kind, practical and a ton of fun.  When my mother was dying from cancer, Anne was amazing.  She listened to me for hours on the phone as I grappled with palliative care and my huge waves of inadequacy over my lack of nursing skills.   She even jumped on a plane one weekend just to come help us see if we could get my Mom to try morphine when Mom won’t listen to anyone else.  Any time you needed Anne, she would be there and I know that I am not the only cousin that Anne has been there for.  Anne has been the rock of our family for so many years.  

We are all trying to find a way to cope with this terrible news and try in even a small way to repay all the kindness and support Anne has given us over the years.  We know we are looking for a miracle here but she has more than earned one with all the people she has helped over the years.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason for this but isn’t that the way of most cancers?   I put this blog together as a way of collecting research on this disease in the hopes that we can find a clinical trial that will give us the miracle that she richly deserves.  

Please feel free to tell us of your experiences and any clinical trials that you might know of that we should be looking at.


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